Update: IM+ 3.0

Whoa dude, two updates in one week! This is an important one because when I reviewed IM+ a couple months ago I was grumbling that it didn’t support Skype. Well, now it does. And it supports Twitter. And it can provide your location, although in my brief experiment the accuracy was off by a few miles.

This is still a pretty big update, though, and here’s the official word from SHAPE Services:

The most important additions in IM+ 3.0 paid version are Twitter and Skype Chat. The minor changes include an ability to create own status messages including geo-status with current location.

IM+ 3.0 lite version’s functionality (lite version is coming soon) is also significantly expanded. Besides Twitter, we’ve added the following functions which previously were available in paid version only: Send photo, Send location and Send voice.

* Note: Due to technical reasons the version number in App tore is displayed as 2.2, though it is a major update 3.0.

Kind regards,
SHAPE Services

IM+ may be pricey but that’s because it does that fancy thing where you can still receive chat messages even when the app isn’t running which dramatically raises its value for the super-wired. However, if you’re too broke to drop $10 on this app you can haul ass to the comment box and try to grab one of the free codes that SHAPE has very kindly provided!

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