Update: Pocket God

Back at the beginning of February I reviewed a little app called Pocket God. You can take a look at my previous review here: At the time the app held a lot of promise, but was not fully developed enough for me to really endorse. Since that time Pocket God has climbed its way up to become the top paid app in the App Store. I have become a big fan of this app as well, and eagerly wait for each new update.

The key to Pocket God’s success lays primarily with the steady updates. Updates have been arriving about once per week, and there have been five updates since I first reviewed Pocket God, hence my updated review. These updates expand the capabilities of app and broaden the experience.

The creators of Pocket God, Bolt Creative, have really taken a hands-on approach with their fan base. They have a blog (the Pocket Blog), a Facebook page, and an account on Twitter. All this allows them to keep users informed on updates and take feedback on ideas for future updates. As a result, they have developed a following I have yet to see with any other app. Check out the plushie made by one adoring fan:

If you are one of the few who haven’t taken the plunge and picked up this app, what are you waiting for? At $0.99 this app is one of the best bargains in the app store, and every subsequent update is included in that price. At the rate this app is expanding, I predict that the price will go up eventually, so now is the time. It is certainly not going to get any cheaper.

Look through the gallery below to see the updates that have come through since my last review. You can refer to my previous review to see updates that had come through before then.

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