Update: Separate Checks 2.0

Aaron Berk, creator of the infamous Wooo Button, recently used his magical powers to morph into an app-making machine called TightApps and his latest release is actually a major re-release of his formerly plain-jane bill splitter Separate Checks.

The newer, prettier, and more robust version not only lets you tabulate shared costs with excruciating accuracy, it also gives options for splitting checks either approximately or equally. If you’re splitting things equally you could probably get away with just using a plain old calculator, but the “split approximately” feature is awesome!! Instead of itemizing everything on the table which can be a huge chore, it provides cost sliders for each person who is sharing the bill. It makes splitting the check WAY faster than pecking away at the keyboard throughout dinner, and I think this feature alone is worth the dollar you’ll pay for this app. To see it in action just skip to the 8:00 mark in the demo video below. One thing I’d prefer, though, is for the sliders to work on whole dollar amounts since that’s typically how people pay for their share.

The new ‘n improved Separate Checks also allows you to save groups if you go out with the same losers all the time, and you can also save checks for future reference in case someone starts whining about paying more than their fair share. Unfortunately saved checks aren’t editable, but maybe this will be possible in a future release? If you regularly go to the same places with the same people this could save precious drinking time if you’re planning to hit the bars after dinner. And how about saving individual names that you can add to groups, just so you don’t have to retype them at every outing?

There’s always room for improvement in any app and Separate Checks is no different, but if you’re looking for a fast and flexible way to figure out who owes what then you should definitely give this one a try, especially if you’re always the one who has to play Banker when the check comes! It’s a well-documented fact that the Banker gets hosed pretty much every time a large group is involved, so this should be a dollar well spent.

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