Urki, Beyond the Forest: A great childrens book

We’re delighted to announce that Urki, Beyond the Forest is available to download on the App Store. This is a very special book app where you can read a funny and exciting story and you too can be the hero.


-More than 90 pages full of magic and entertainment with more than 40 full color illustrations.
-Funny effects of sound and animations.
-And a video game where you can live one of Urki’s adventures.

PixelMoon is the project of a group of professionals whose goal is to combine entertainment and technology, creating books full of magic, fun and surprises.

Urki, Beyond the Forest is the first in a series of products for iPad which aim to entertain and teach children by means of quality stories with unique and interactive materials.

The first chapter of Urki, Beyond the Forest is available here:

Check out the 1 minute teaser showing Urki, Beyond the Forest in action:

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iTunes Link

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