US Traveller: A Handy App for International Travel

If you are world traveler from the US, you need US Traveller.  For only $0.99, this app can range from very helpful to being a true lifesaver.  When you are on the road,  sometimes it’s not easy to get access to information, maps, and critical facts about your destination.  US Traveller provides all of this information at your fingertips.

The US Traveller interface is simple but effective.  The main screen is a HUGE list of countries ranging from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everything in between.   The interface is the familiar IOS list which allows for fast alphabetical selection.

Once you select your destination, you have a choice of Country Facts and Travel Reports.  This main screen also offers instant access to the capital and population of your selected country.  

In the country facts screen you have several options:  Overview, People, History, Politics, Economy, Foreign Relations, US Relations and a map.  

US Traveler App Review

In the Travel Reports screen you have several more options: Country Description, Embassy Location, Entry/Exit Requirements, Safety and Security, Crime, Victims of Crime, Criminal Penalties, Special Circumstances, Medical Facilities, Medical Insurance, Traffic Safety, Aviation Safety Oversight, and Children’s Issues.

That’s access to a lot of data at your fingertips.  

In addition to selection a specific country, US Traveller also has a selection for displaying current Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts issued by the US government.  While you are on the road, you want to keep an eye on these 2 tabs. 

US Traveller also offers an embedded browser for reading the embedded links.  Because of that useful browser you don’t have to leave the app when you want to look at more details.

All of the data in US Traveller is from US government websites.  That is both a pro and con of the app.  Because the data is derived directly from various US government websites, the data is always up to date.  However, it also means the app needs to retrieve information for almost every page.  This might be OK in the 3G-enabled US but it could be problematic in Zimbabwe.  It would be great for the app to provide the capability to cache all of the information for selected countries. That would allow a user to have the data they need on the road with no risk of losing Internet access.

Overall US Traveller is a convenient app.  At the very least you might be able to win a few bets with the information like the population of Vietman at your fingertips.


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