Useful APP for IPHONE & IPAD: Feng Shui Wealth

I’m happy to introduce to you a Feng Shui software.
This software is different to other Feng Shui software today in that: uses an easy to use Luo Pan or Feng Shui Compass and automatically determines for you the Feng Shui condition of your home or office, while other

Feng Shui software only provides a Luo Pan or Feng Shui text books which are not easy to digest or apply. is certified by experts in the Flying Stars method of Feng Shui. provides users with tips to stimulate wealth and avoid misfortune based on the Feng Shui condition it determines. works for office buildings, tall townhouses, and stand-alone buildings. is designed with greatly simplified operation and easy to understand terminology. is digitally equal to having a professional Feng Shui expert to assess your home or office!

Feng Shui Wealth can:
1.analyse personal fortune type and the residence or office suitable for the type.

2.analyze the Feng Shui and wealth affinity of the home or office.

3.provide practically and applicable suggestions to improve and strengthen Feng Shui.

Feng Shui for houses shifts every year!
If you use this app well, you can do more than keep your house’s Feng Shui in top condition!

An app so accurate in calculation and low in price is something you have got to try.

APP Name:Feng Shui Wealth
APP Type:IPhone & IPAD
Price:Limited time for FREE now
Language:English , Chinese

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