Valentine & Love C@rds


This app is called Love C@rds today, but its name will soon be expanding to “Valentine & Love C@rds” since Valentine-specific templates are going to be added before February 14th.

If you would like the chance to win this app (and others in the future), join my Facebook group which I’ve cleverly named “Win free iPhone apps“. Hot Chili Apps has generously donated 15 promo codes which I’ll be distributing to random winners every day for a week starting on February 1st.

I said it when I reviewed Halloween C@rds, I said it when I reviewed Christmas C@rds, and I’m gonna say it again for Valentine & Love C@rds: Hot Chili Apps knows their stuff. I’ll confess that I haven’t tried every single iPhone greeting card app out there, but I’ve tried a few and I think it’s very safe to dub this C@rds series the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion. It’s that good.

As with the other themed versions of this app, you get to choose three different types of card templates: Pattern, Picture, and Photo. Pattern is mostly stuff that fills the screen with… well… a pattern or graphics of some sort, Picture is a collection of templates with photographic elements, and the thing that kicks the most ass is the collection of Photo templates that allow you to incorporate your own photos into your greeting card.

No matter which template you choose, text is about as customizable as it can get. You can add as many different lines of text as you need which means you can get creative with fonts, text sizes, colors, and positioning. Drop shadow is optional, and text is moved and resized with that two-finger maneuver that most of us iPhone geeks have grown accustomed to by now. The only obvious thing that’s missing is text wrap, so if you’re writing your boyfriend a long, weepy note you’ll have to hit “return” in the text editor where you want line breaks to occur. A way to automatically align my text horizontally would also be welcome, but unless you’re constantly creating greeting cards it’s probably not an issue.

Photos are also super easy to handle. When you place a photo into a Photo template, you can scale and resize any which way you damn well please with that same two-finger move that you use for text. It’s all incredibly well done and easy to use.

As of today this app includes 15 Pattern templates, 14 Picture, and 16 Photo templates for a grand total of 45… and since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, Hot Chili Apps will be adding even more templates before February 14th. Some of those new templates will be Valentine-specific, so if you buy the app today don’t be disappointed at the lack of “Happy Valentine’s Day” stuff! I haven’t seen them, but I know they’re coming.

As greeting cards go, Valentine & Love C@rds absolutely rules and I think it’s worth every penny of the $1.99 asking price. If you’re just too broke to spring the two bucks, join my newly-minted Facebook group and hopefully you’ll win a copy!

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