Video Production Music is Hard to Find

I run a few different blogs on the web and for some of them like RiderGroups is use a bit of video production to demo motorcycles and motorcycle products.  Adding video to your blog is really beneficial, it can demo a product in a way that is very difficult to do in text.  It also adds a lot of new users to your site as many people will find you via youtube or vimeo.

While I have not had a difficult time getting my videos online and edited.  One of the most difficult things to do is music production.  Not that it is difficult to add music to a video, it is difficult to find royalty free music that is quality and does not break any copyright rules.  there is a lot of bad music that can be found online that is royalty free, but a source of free or inexpensive music is difficult to find.

This makes the audio production of a video one of the most time consuming things for me.  If anyone has any resources that provides either free, or inexpensive tracks I would appreciate leaving a note in comments.  I would like something that does not cost anymore than $5 a track to use on the web.  having a good source of music would speed my video production time up considerably.

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