Visually map your music collection with TuneMap

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Visually discover which artists and songs really stick out in your collection. ¬†What aren’t you even listening to that takes up so much space on your device? ¬†TuneMap can tell you all of this and more!

TuneMap provides a unique and intuitive visualization of your entire music collection that allows you to answer these questions and more!

Never before have you been able to touch your way to so much information about your library and listening habits so quickly.


- (NEW!) Library will continue to be analyzed in the background thanks to iOS 4, patience no longer required ;)
- (NEW!) Shade by Total Play Count, Shade by Average Play Count, and Shade by Highest Play Count added to Library View to give you a big picture of your listening habits
- (NEW!) Map by Track Time can be used along with the new shading features to discover wasted space taken up by artists you aren’t even listening to!

- Colorful tree map layout of your music collection arranged by genre and/or artist
- Detailed artist view organized by album and arranged according to song count or song length
- Heat map shading feature allows instant recognition of your most played or highest rated songs
- Quick playback without having to use the iPod application
- Search by artist/song to find what you’re looking for faster


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