If you like to track your vitamin intake, here’s an application for you. This application allows you to enter your vitamin information and easily note when you took them. It is simple to add new vitamins, and while you’re noting your vitamin intake you can save notes to yourself via a quick ‘notes’ button.

This is a very simple application, and I believe this to be a flaw. Most of the applications from GP Apps thus far have proven to be useful in their own facet, but almost redundant compared to the included and functional features in the iPhone.

‘Vitamins’ is one of the rare exceptions from this producer, allowing you to directly track the pills you take every day. It has a Calender function that marks yellow for ‘some pills taken’ or green for ‘all pills taken’. There really isn’t much to explain about this application, sadly. It could use push reminders and an actually list of vitamins with information or even links to Wikipedia… something to expand the functionality of this application beyond personal input and effort.

Pros: Good reminder (if you open the app)

Cons: No push reminders, very little functionality, no vitamin recognition software

Bottom Line: ‘Vitamins’ is at least partially functional, but it hardly owns up to being a reminder application. I find the key components of a reminder app to be reminding you without you actually expecting it. Vitamins is a valiant effort, but hardly worth a dollar our of your wallet.

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