Voice over IP (VOIP) now available on 3g


Fans of the iPhone now have another reason to jump up and down and that is the ability to save money by making internet phone calls over AT&T’s cellular network. Apple is allowing new versions of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services to start working on the iPhones.

Actually, during this week (1/25-1/29) Apple started allowing the new versions of many of the iPhones to begin working. Before this week, all iPhone users had to have a wireless internet connection before they could make calls in that manner. The change will allow users to call from anywhere they can find a strong enough 3-G signal.

This is a great deal for iPhone users as they can use the VoIP instead of the cell phones calling software which would ensure they would not use up their monthly minutes on their plan, thus the ability to choose even cheaper plans.

iCall, Inc. explained that their app was the first to be approved for the iPhone by Apple. iPhone users have the ability to download the app and then pay $10 to have unlimited phone calls. They even offer a free option that allows for limited calls to five minutes of talk time and users will have to sit through some ad time at the beginning of the call.

Of course, calls made over the internet may not be as reliable as it all has to do with the strength of the connection and the calling service.

In October, AT&T stated that they would begin to allow iPhone users to make VoIP calls over their network. Apple just started approving apps this week.

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