Voice SMS(Contact Groups): Group SMS to Voicemail

Inconvenient to call? Tired of texting? Voice SMS  is your best choice!  It’s a perfect blend of the convenience of texting and the clarity of a voicemail.

Pay regular SMS rates to convey the beauty of your own voice and get awesome capabilities to control group messages easily. 

Voice SMS is a product to send audio message in the form of regular sms, which avoids texting and conveys your message.

Here is how it works:

First, the  user uploads the recorded audio to the server and receives a link in return.
We will then send out the link in a normal SMS message.  The receiver simply clicks the link and receives the audio via a web page.

But that’s not all…you also get the capability to tag contacts to be included in variouos groups.  You can add, delete or modify groups to includes the contacts you use most often.  Voice SMS will send the SMS to all of the contacts in your desired group(s).

You have to give this a try.

Here are a couple of promo codes to try out the app:  XHLJYR4HTPF3     E7FJKJAHRFWE.  First come, first serve.  Good luck.

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