Wake Me There – location based alarm clock (Free Promo Codes)

Wake Me There is smart location based Alarm Clock that is activated when you reach your destination and not on a specific time. The main purpose of it is to solve a big problem for people who tend to sleep while on a bus or a train. Wake Me There will always alert the user when he/she gets close to the destination.
Wake Me There is implemented as a Music Player, which enables it to be active on the iPhone even when the iPhone is locked. As such, it allows the user to decide which music to hear prior to falling asleep and which music to hear as wakeup alarm.
The most important feature of Wake Me There is its battery usage. It is designed to conserve the battery, the use of the GPS or any Location Services hardware is limited to a very small part of the entire trip.
To make it easy to define destinations, Wake Me There uses Google Maps to display locations and it uses Geo Names for free text search.
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