Wake N Shake – The Merciless Alarm Clock

Wake N Shake – The Merciless Alarm Clock Pro Shaker Edition is the only alarm clock app in the app store designed to wake you up feeling ready to seize the day. Motivated. Energetic. Pumped.

There’s only one way to shut off the alarm: by shaking the iPhone like crazy. No snooze button, no mercy!

It’s like jump-starting your day. By shaking the iPhone like your life depends on it, you raise your heart rate, and you wake up instantly!

Power Features:
-Shake function like you’ve never experienced in an alarm app before
-Configurable shake function: from hard to merciless
-Unlimited alarms
-Quick naps
-24 creative alarm sounds to get your blood flowing
-Beautiful interface optimized for use in the dark
-Animated alarm clock character: Alarmi
-Countdown. Alarms count down so you know how much sleep you have left
-Random alarms
-Works even while in the background

The developers also put put a lot of creative juice in creating the alarms. We bet you’ve never woken up to the sound of a bear mauling a person. Or someone eating Doritos. Or an intergalactic skirmish (like in star wars). Yea, they’re pretty obnoxious, but they get the job done.

Then they gave it a cute, personal touch, an animated character called Alarmi. A little alarm clock that dances and blinks and smiles. He’s just happy to exist, and to wake you up in the morning.

Wake N Shake also features Quick Naps. Touch a button and the app will time a 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, or 60-minute nap.

Don’t spend any time dragging yourself out of bed. With Wake N Shake, you wake up and get started right away.

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wake N shake - The Merciless Alarm Clock Pro Shaker Edition - Andres Canella

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