WallZ has been in the iTunes App Store for close to six weeks and it only has ONE user review? Daaaaang. It may not be The World’s Greatest Game but it’s definitely better than the low review count would suggest, and kudos to Gamer Outfit for not recruiting a bunch of their idiot friends to post BS reviews. I hate when developers do that.

Your mission in WallZ is a familiar one if you’ve already played other puzzle games like reMovem and Cubes… tap like-colored pieces to make them disappear until you clear the board, and the more like-colored pieces you can tap at once (when they’re touching and form a chain, that is) the more points you get. The smallest combo you can tap is two bricks.

To make things interesting there are special pieces of this and that stuck in the wall, and of course you’ll be tempted to tap on them but sometimes it’s better to leave them alone. The coolest thing you’ll find is dynamite which blows up a part of the wall, so it’s best to use these pieces strategically as they could save your ass from failing to complete a level.

The only way to advance to the next level is by tapping away ALL of the bricks, and to do this you have to tilt your iPhone left and right so that the outer parts of the wall slide into view. Keep tapping and the wall gets narrower, but if you wind up with a single brick remaining the round will be declared a ’stalemate’ and you have to start over.

Even though the basic concept behind WallZ is far from original, this game is fun and has a few things going for it. The dynamite is a great addition and so is the accelerometer wall movement, but what I like most is the way the bricks explode and send knights flying all over the place as they’re launched from their perches at the top of the wall! It’s somehow very satisfying to be causing all that destruction as you plow your way through the puzzles. Scores in WallZ are also pretty insane… my high score so far is 809,350 which is probably nothing compared to a true WallZ champ, but my fragile ego likes that way better than games where the scores are tiny.

Overall WallZ is a solid game and deserves a lot more respect than a single review in the App Store. The one things that’s glaringly absent is a global high score board, but hopefully that’ll be added later. This game is still worth paying a buck to get.

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