Wardrobe! – Your personal portable wardrobe

“Wardrobe!” is made for those who need to choose what clothes to wear fast, without struggling every morning.

As soon as you’ve filled the virtual wardrobe with all your preferred clothes, you can make outfits to fit your own style or have the random selection inspire you with its extravagance. All of this through a sleek, user-friendly interface.

The features making Wardrobe! unique are:
- A vast (and growing) selection of clothes to choose from
- Also includes accessories such as watches, ties, rings, and many more
- Nice and attractive interface
- “Washing-machine” feature to check for your clothes’ availability
- Possibility to name your clothes and mark their brand and additional info
- Add photos to further customize clothes
- Remember when you bought your clothes by setting the purchase date
- Save your favorite clothes-combinations with the “Outfits” feature, and immediately see if your clothes are ready for them
- Never again bother about choosing your clothes in the morning, with the “Random” section of Wardrobe. (Includes a fashion-algorithm to ensure you that you’ll always be the coolest one around)
- A wishlist to add the clothes you don’t yet own but wish to purchase in
- The calendar to assign an outfit to each day of the week, and one more for “special occasions”
- And much more!

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