Watch Me Change: Time lapse photography simplified on your iPhone

Time lapse photography is an easy concept but it’s hard to get right. Of course you can take a bunch of pictures with your digital camera, upload them to your PC, import them into a photo editor, and create your video. Don’t forget to export your favorite song from iTunes and add it as a track to your video. Make sure when you take all your pictures that everything is a lined up exactly the same everytime or the video will look like you are jumping all over the place like some type of stop action clay figure.

Sound easy?

Well now there is easy way to do all that and mail or post the video with the press of a button.  Watch Me Change is an app which does all of this for you and much more.

There are 3 specific versions of Watch Me Change:  Watch Me Change, Pregnancy, and Losing Weight.  However, as you will see, you don’t need to stop there.  We found even more uses for this app.

The general concept for this app (not to mention the other useful applications) is great.  Wouldn’t it be a great idea to see a video of your beautiful wife during her pregnancy?  Or see how you change during your workout routine?  Talk about motivation.   Or get a video of that beard growing in?  Those memories (OK, maybe not the beard) are priceless and something you won’t be able to capture easily without Watch Me Change.

How does Watch Me Change make this easier?  On the first picture you simply line up a set of “guidelines” to match up with your nose or other facial/body features.  Then, on each subsequent picture, you simply line up those “guideline” on the appropriate spots.  This will make sure your subject is in the same spot for each picture.  Watch Me Change also offers a very flexible set of reminders.  You can set up to 3 reminders.  Each one can be daily, weekly, or monthly.  No more forgetting to take your picture.  Want to add a background song?  No problem.  The weight gain/loss and pregnancy version also allow you to track your weight or how far along you are in your pregnancy.

Once your pictures start to roll in you can then view your video.  You can optionally add a logo and the time of each picture.  The time is a handy feature to display at the bottom of the video.  One suggestion:  We would like the capability to edit the text of the logo, especially on the full version.  The other selections are the size of the video (144, 640 and HD) and the “speed” of the video in pictures/second (1,10,20 and 30).  But a video isn’t all that useful on your iPhone- you need to share it and WatchMeChange has you covered.  You can email the video, post it on Facebook or Youtube,  or even tweet about it right from within the app.

Watch Me Change also has the capability to track different progressions for different users.  It will keep track of the weight gain/loss of you and your spouse as different projects- each with their own reminders and preferences.

Why just use the app for change to your (or your spouse’s body)? We used it for tracking progress of a Lego model. We think it would be great for any type of model building. Or watching the garden grow. Or your new house getting built. Anything relatively static which grows over time can be easily tracked with Watch Me Change.

Of course nothing is perfect and you have to leave room for version 1.1 ;) .  Some of the video preferences are not saved when you quit the app (background music, show logo and show timestamp).  It’s a minor annoyance but something which could easily be added.   A major upgrade would be a built in photo editor which could make changes in bulk but we realize that might be too much to ask.

Overall, we really liked Watch Me Change.  It’s not often you can get an app for under a dollar which makes memories easy to capture.  Throw in the option to use it for even more and Watch Me Change is a real gem.

Here is an example video on how it works:

Check out the Watch Me Change website to learn more about their versions.  They have a bunch of videos showing how the app works.

Watch Me Change Full Version - MJH Apps

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