Wave for iPhone 3G

The Wave case by Griffin for the iPhone 3G is a unique take on a hardshell case design consisting of two hard plastic pieces that lock together in a distinctive wave pattern on the side, and includes a plastic screen protector. If you’re tired of the standard hard-shell cases out there but aren’t looking for any fancy features then you might want to give it a look.

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Description: The most unique thing about this case is it’s design. The two pieces of frosty hard plastic lock together with a unique wave pattern. Most hardshell cases just lock together with a barely noticable line across the sides, which they usually try to minimize. This case showcases the seam between the two pieces, turning a drawback into a strong point.

Griffin offers a few different options for their Wave case for both their iPhone 3G and original iPhone models that you can chose from. The case comes in a few color options, including white, “black” (which is more of a smokey grey), blue, and pink, but one of the cool things about this case is how the wave pattern looks when you mix and match colors. Griffin gives you the choice of color combination sets, including pink and blue, black and green, pink and white, and blue and white.

The Good: First of all, it looks neat. It protects the screen, sides, corners and back, but still gives you easy access to all of the external controls, camera, home button, 30-pin connector port, headphone jack, speaker and microphone. I dropped it a few times to test it’s durability on several surfaces and it didn’t fall apart or crack. It also doesn’t seem to scratch easily.

The Bad: I didn’t have any really major issues with this case that were bad enough for me not to recommend it, but it did have one problem. The interlocking wave on the sides looks cool, but it’s somewhat difficult to get together, especially for the first time. Be sure to read the instructions included in the package before you put it together!! I was worried while I was assembling it that it was scuffing the corners and sides of my iPhone 3G, but I didn’t notice any marks when I took it off. Also, one of my attempts to force it together incorrectly resulted in some barely noticeable stress markings in the case. If you do it correctly, it’s not a problem.

This case is also not dockable, so it won’t work with that $30 piece of white plastic from Apple. It was also a little annoying when dirt and dust got inside since you can see it pretty clearly through the case and you have to take it off again to clean it out. The screen protector may be nice for some, but I found kind of annoying and mostly unnecessary. Lastly, the frosted plastic finish also wears off some of the edges and corners over time, but it wasn’t very noticeable and took a while.

Bottom line: The Wave case from Griffin for the iPhone 3G is a unique, simple, and interesting take on a classic concept. If you’re just looking for basic protection against bumps and scratches, then this is a great case for you.

You can get a single case for $24.99 and one of their combo packs for $34.99 at Griffin’s website,

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