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Kevin’s Comments:  The title of this App may say it all.  But, they gave away some free promo codes and we are all weak when we see free.

Week App is an app that you can use to find out which week it is, which week it is on a certain date or to find out which start and end dates a week has. It’s a nice tool for people who plan in weeks. You can also use it to find out on which day you were born.

Week App uses auto rotation for the 2 different modes:

Portrait view: Pick a date, and get weeknumber and day of the selected date.
Landscape view: Pick a weeknumber, and get start and end date of the selected weeknumber.

Current weeknumber is shown on the icon badge. Updates every time when Week App is started. (So not automaticly).

Whether the week starts on sunday or monday is determined by the setting selected in Region Format.
For example, if your current selection is Netherlands, or United Kingdom the week will start on a monday, if your current selection is United States, the week will start on a Sunday.

This setting is found in:
Settings>General>International>Region Format.


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