Weightbot is a simplified weight tracking application which lets you log daily weigh-ins. It comes with a built-in BMI estimator based on height and a graphing mode to check out your progress on the fly.

When you initially open the app, you’re encouraged to set a goal weight, which is represented by a red line in the graph mode. You can then enter your height for BMI calculation and begin entering weigh-ins. Dates are listed along the bottom, which can be scrolled to with a flick. To enter a weight for a particular day, simply tap the screen and slide the scale to the appropriate weight. Tapping the screen brings you back to the day view. Turning your iPhone sideways displays the graph mode.

The good: Weightbot is an extremely simple app to use, and it even comes with instructions in case the controls aren’t immediately obvious. Entering a weight is simple can be done in both US and metric units. Your BMI is calculated on the fly and the graphing mode let’s you see your progress over time.

If your concerned about others seeing your Weightbot, the app can be password protected.

Weightbot also makes use of the iPhone’s accelerometer for deleting entries when shaken.

The bad:

  • No quick way to clear all data

  • Entries cannot be quickly deleted
  • You can only go back 90 days
  • Only works with metric and US units of measure

The Bottom line: Weightbot is a beautiful application, especially for a weight tracking app. The interface is extremely easy to use and comes with a graphing mode for a quick view of your progress. You can only go back 90 days and deleting multiple entries is time consuming. However, Weightbot will likely be the perfect weight tracking app for 90% of iPhone users.

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