What Would Jesus Say?

If you have always wanted a little cartoon Jesus to spout Bible quotes on demand, today is your lucky day. “What Would Jesus Say?” is an app that does exactly that, and not much more.

There are a lot of these random quote generating apps out there, both paid and free. The concept is pretty much the same across the board, press the button and get a random quote. In this case, the words appear in a little thought bubble above a cartoon Jesus. His mouth moves and he waves his finger in the air, which is what I guess people are expected to do if they are saying something profound.

One thing that does help this app is the ability to access to get the context of the quote. This is helpful for those who will want to know exactly what was meant by the quote. Of course, being that all the quotes are from the Bible, a simple chapter and verse reference would be almost as good and wouldn’t require me to go to the web browser.

There are some features that are absent from this app that I have noted in other quote generating apps. Most notable is the lack of any sound effects or music. Being able to browse through quotes if you want to see all of them or select a particular one can be helpful.

There were a couple of things that did annoy me about the app. First was the use of incomplete quotes. Some quotes were too long to fit in the thought bubble, but instead of paring them down or enlarging the bubble they just end mid-sentence. If that doesn’t annoy you then you must…

Also annoying to me personally was the use of quotes not from Jesus. A few of the quotes came from other parts of the Bible and were said by other people. While not a big problem the app is named “What Would Jesus Say?”

The drawings are fine and other than the issues I noted above, the app does what it is supposed to. Since I already have a Bible app, I personally don’t feel the need to have a random quote generator.

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