WhatsToEat is a simple application much like UrbanSpoon. It has you choose from a few categories of restaurants and then lists them according to proximity.

In order to utilize this application well, users are going to have to actually first know what they desire, then they’re going to have to know if they want to attend just anywhere that the application suggests. There are no personal reviews or ratings listed whatsoever. It simply shows the name and location of the restaurant.

A nice touch to this application is the options allowed once you figure out where you want to go. The application allows you to immediately get directions, show on the map, or call the location upon tapping the name of the restaurant.

Pros: Enticing pictures, simple design

Cons: Very few options, no rating system, no reviews

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for ‘the dopest restaurant finder ever evar” then this application may not be for you. Given patience, though, this application can prove to be a fruitful augmentation to your current desires and knowledge. You’ll find that you can probably do these same searches on your iPhone just using Google Maps.

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