Which Way To The Beach?

Get free promo codes at iPhoneAppReview.comThe sun is shining, you’re not at school or work and the waves are lapping your toes as you groove to your favorite beach songs while friends and family surround you. But how do you find those beaches near you?

With a love for the beach and in partner with in the fall of 2009, the Beach Finder application for iPhone and iPod touch was released so that a person could easily check out and get directions to some of the best beaches in North America and United Kingdom.

Beach Finder has over 5300 beaches in North America and 1200 beaches in the United Kingdom edition. It has easy to use features and interface to make finding beaches a breeze.

There is a “Locate Me” feature on Beach Finder to pinpoint your location and in seconds pull up a list and map with distances to all beaches close to your location. You can also locate beaches by city, town, address or zip code. All you need to do is find a beach, click for directions and in seconds you are on your way.

If you are new or not familiar to an area, you can explore the photos and comments sections and discover ones that you may not have even know existed. You can share your knowledge of an area and leave valuable comments or photos of your favorite beach.

All driving directions are with familiar Google maps that get you there fast, easy and with exact directions. It is an excellent tool to use for vacation planning or to search out new beaches when you are on the road.

All upgrades and future versions of Beach Finder are free. So as the database grows so does your opportunity to be on your way to discover new and exciting beaches.

Beach Finder Canada/US and Beach Finder UK are available for iPhone and iPod touch for download through iTunes.

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