Who Said You Can’t Play Backgammon with Sushi?

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Blur Labs LLC, today announced the availability of Sushi Backgammon for the Apple iPad.  With true-to-life rolling dice and free moving game pieces, Sushi Backgammon delivers incredibly realistic game play with all of the freedoms and benefits of a traditional board, but with a twist – the playing pieces are sushi.  Set on a bamboo backdrop complete with chop sticks and wasabi, players battle it out with cucumber and salmon roe-topped sushi pieces.

But if playing with traditional Japanese cuisine doesn’t wet your appetite, then Egyptian scarabs or a burlap sack theme are available for the choosing.

Built for two players, it’s time to get social.  So find a friend, pick your favorite board, and enjoy a few games of Sushi Backgammon.

Pricing & Availability

Sushi Backgammon is currently available on the iTunes store at an introductory, limited time only price of $0.99.

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