WildSpace: arcade game for iPhone. Free for limited time

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WildSpace is able for free!

The game WildSpace is able for free only at March 8th. Lets be in a hurry to download the game and play!

The company of the developers APPA Games announces the game output WildSpace in genre Arcade.
Almost each person has a dream to become a spaceman. To plough the space of the Universe on the spaceship, to explore unknown worlds, to become a hero for all humanity…
Whether you know, what size and weight of the most typical meteorite? Believe it is huge! Do you know how many hamburgers can you eat for breakfast? I suppose, you do your best. But very far-far, in deep space, someone casts away these meteorites, stones and comets. And someone – hamburgers, sandwiches, hot dogs. Disbelieve?
Travel on the Universe on the spaceship we, certainly, will dodge stone flying on us weighting some tones. But from food it is impossible to dodge! You should eat it! :D
So, safely handle the device (iPhone/iPod), go faster and slow down – we have gas and brake pedals, catch hamburgers and dodge meteorite collision, thereby safe your life (you have three lives during the game), we accumulate points and use bonuses – it is the main purpose of the game. However, bonuses can be unpleasant – it is a surprise from developers ;) . We can operate rocket as with help of the accelerometer, as with help of the special manipulator on the playing field – what we will operate you can choose in game options.
Also don’t think that you get rid of one flight in the game. There are 10 levels with increasing complexity in the game: the speed of the rocket becomes more aggressive, well to hamburgers will be added other food for every capture to the hero of our game will be put more points.
Whit the help of options it is possible to control volume of amazing background music and effects, to calibrate the accelerometer. To pleasant surprises we can carry the support of the OpenFeint. Now to connect to the network and to set up a record it is so easy.
The game develops attentiveness, coordination of movements and patience.

The list of the changes:
1. Now it is provided for two methods of control the heroes: accelerometer and touch with independent rules of opening the levels.
2. The function of calibration the accelerometer is added.
3. The general timer of game time is added. Thanks to the timer in certain time spans ( 30-60 minutes), you can choose the background picture of the game space.
4. The OpenFeint assistance is added.

All listed changes you can test having come into section of the settings.

Link to game: itms://

Developer Name: APPAgames
Developer URL:
Application Name: Wildspace

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