With video glasses, you can watch the big screen with your iPhone

While it is nice to be able to watch movies from your iPhone, you can’t escape the fact that the screen is tiny. In our incredibly technologically progressive society, however, this does not have to be an issue. Many manufacturers, such as Vuzix, Myvu and 22Moo, are beginning to produce video glasses that you can connect to your iphone. These glasses enable to you to view your movies as if you were watching them on a nicely sized television screen. Some varieties, such as those created by iTheater, even allow you to use them as you play 3D games! The only current catch is they do cost a pretty penny (ranging from $200 to $500) , but if you’re patient, more affordable varieties should appear in the near future. Couple these glasses with Mobiola Video Studio (an application by SHAPE Services that allows you to convert your DVDs to an iPhone-compatible format), and you will have your whole home DVD and movie collection on-the-go and optimal for viewing.

See an example of these innovative glasses here:

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