Wooden Labyrinth 3d

I’ve always been a big fan of the original labyrinth games (the physical ones) and I was very excited when I heard that there had been a port to the iPhone/iPod Touch. The platform lends itself to this sort of game, and it represents well the type of games I play on my device in general: Fast, easy to access and easy to put down and resume. Something I can enjoy for a few minutes on the train between stops without having to think too much.

Now there is already a labyrinth game in the store, one that I really enjoyed playing, so even though I want to be as objective and as unbiased as possible, it is almost impossible to do a review on this game without comparing it to the other, and the original, competitor.

On with the review and let’s start with the bad.

Thumbs down :(

The “3d”:

As you’ll see from my screengrabs below, the dev’s have attempted to create a 3D effect using the accelerometer to adjust the field of view in the game. This is meant to make the objects in it seem solid and to create a sense of depth.

Honestly, I’m not sure if this works. Sure, it’s kind of cool to jiggle the device around and watch and the blocks sway back and forth, but yeah, does it improve the whole gaming experience? No, really. Unfortunately the iPhone/iPod touch have pretty much no anti-alising, this means that the edges of walls, blocks and almost everything in the game are constantly moving and distracting you with their shimmering jaggedness. I found I could only play the game for a few moments without getting a headache because literally the screen is awash with like a thousand moving pixels.

In sum, while I think the 3d was a cool idea theoretically, in practice it fails.

The jumping:

The game provides a further twist on the original game by allowing its users to jump over obstacles and holes. Thus, if you are playing a level with this feature turned on you can effectively skip over holes and reach the finish line quicker. While this sounds like a very cool feature it is unfortunately poorly executed in Wooden Labyrinth 3d and has the following issues:

1. It’s unclear just how much of a flick of the device is needed to make the ball jump.

2. To leap hurdles you need to really tilt the device then flick it. This while not sounding like much, makes the game almost impossible as you cannot see and control where the ball lands when the device is almost upside down.

Thumbs up :)

- This is, behind the above flaws, still an ok labyrinth game. There are lots of level packs to chose from, each containing a vast array of levels.

- The game gives you an option to calibrate mid-game by a two finger tap.

- Right now it’s 3 bucks cheaper than the original port.

- As mentioned this is an easy pick up, put down game and it has a great feature that’s missing from a lot of games: The ability to resume right where you left off after having exited.

- The developer is obviously very talented. Perhaps an update could fix the above issues I have with the game.

Conclusion: I’d recommend you go for the original game on the iTunes store if you’re okay paying the extra $3 and you want a labyrinth game.  If, however, you can look past the flaws I’ve mentioned above then, hey, you’ve saved yourself three bucks mister! Look at you!

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