Woopra iPhone App coming soon: Live web site analytics

Woopra iPhoneAppReview

Woopra tracking

If you have a web site and you want to track the visitors coming to your web site, there is no better option right now than Woopra.  Woopra is a live analytics program for Windows and OS X that provides a ton of live information on the visitors to your site.  Currently, I am using the desk top client to track visitors  to, soon I will be using the iPhone version to track visitors.

John P. and Cesar Alaniz sat down to demo the soon to be released iPhone version of Woopra. Check out the video after the break. I have had the privilege of seeing John P. at several WordCamp / WordPress user meetings in the DFW area and this guy really knows what he is talking about in the world of web analytics and I am excited to see the finished product for Woopra on the iPhone.  See the demo after the break…

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