Word Crank Elite: Tetris and Scrabble fun all-in-one Word Game!

In Word Crank, bucket shaped bricks, with letters on each, fall from the top of the screen. Your goal is to correctly form words of a required length to make the bricks disappear. If a column of bricks reaches the top of the screen, the game ends and you lose. To aid you in your quest, special flaming bricks containing letters that are not as commonly used (J, V, X etc.), explode when they are used in words, taking out several other bricks in the process, and awarding you bonus points.

Grey bricks with no letters, called Grunge Bricks also fall from the top of the screen. These bricks can’t be used in words, their only purpose is to take up space and push a column of bricks closer to the top.

Play Time

When the game starts you are greeted by a startup screen that looks like a jack-in-the-box with one of the signature bricks on the end of the spring instead of a traditional clowns head. On the screen you have four options, START begins a new game, OPTIONS brings you to the game options where you can manipulate the sound controls and set the game’s difficulty to one of three settings (you can “go bananas” on the hardest setting), HELP brings up a page that explains goal and the bricks found in the game, and SCORES, which lists the high scores.
Once you select START, the game begins. Music begins to play and bricks start to fall from the top of the screen. In the upper left hand corner, the length of word you need to form with the bricks is displayed. You may only form words of the displayed length.

To form words, tap the brick that has the letter you want to select and it lights up. When you correctly form a word, the letters disappear, or when you form a word with a flaming brick, there is an explosion and several bricks, along with those that were in the word, are blasted into powder!

All of the game controls are simple and easy to understand, making it easy to jump into the game.

Game’s Appeal

This game would be perfect for those that enjoy word games with the added challenge of making words as fast as they can, or for children and adults that want to strengthen their vocabulary. The gameplay feels like a hybrid between Tetris and Scrabble. Those that play games like Book Worm or any timed word game would probably enjoy Word Crank.

Final Thoughts

This is a good, clean game that someone of any age can enjoy. It’s a good way to kill a few minutes on a lunch break or an hour or two waiting for your next flight.

Word Crank┬áis Sivart Technology’s first game, and was developed by a brother and sister duo just starting out in the business!

Word Crank Elite - Sivart Technology LLC

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