Word-Game: Lets Play With Words!

Do You like to play with words? This App will give You and your friends a lot of fun time together!

This app automatically generate words to play with for endless fun! The feature “Advice from the Coach” add further challenge to the game. You can use your imagination to find ways to play, but here are two suggestions:

1. Association (3 or more players):
How different do you and your friends associate different words? What is the first word that comes to mind with dinosaur, green, pancake or king ? How similar or different do you think?
The app will randomly generate one word that all participants must associate to and write down the 10 words they first think of. Points are awarded for how many that thought of the same words.

2. Story (one or more participants):
Try to weave together random words into a story while you follow the instructions! How would you weave a story together with Hot Dog – Castle – Apple – Cat? And how would it be if you must talk like Yoda or exaggerate your body language?
Start with a sentence that contain the first generated word. Continue with new words, as long a the story stays coherent or to see how many words you can handle within a given time. Can be combined with Advice from the Coach by following the random calls!

Hope You will enjoy the app – check it out at: (Word-Game Full version) (Word-Game Lite version)

Five fast and lucky word-gamers can download the app for free using the following promo-codes:

Word-Game - M & S Johansson

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