If you’re new to this site, I’m gonna fill you in on a little tidbit that my longtime readers have already heard a thousand times: I have the IQ of a doorknob. It’s 100% true, and I don’t mind saying this publicly and repeatedly because it gets me off the hook for being so incredibly bad at games like WordsWorth!

WordsWorth is a difficult but really fun connect-the-tiles game where you have to find the hidden words in a grid or, in this case, a big honeycomb-looking setup. It’s similar to Wordabble in many respects, but the gameplay has several twists thrown in that make this a very different game.

You play in stages where you earn points for each word found and, when you’ve accumulated enough points, you move on to the next level. Words can be formed by either tapping the letters one-by-one or by running your finger over them in succession which is way faster. Throughout the game you’ll find special tiles that do things like help boost your score, act as wild cards that can be used as any letter (awesome), and force you to use a certain tile before a timer runs out or it’s Game Over.

99Games also built in a limited number of chances to shuffle the puzzle board in case you get stuck (and trust me, you will), but shuffling comes at a cost - you get stuck with another “timed” tile each time you do it - and if you’re able to spell out the “buzzword” at the bottom of the screen you’ll get some nice bonus points.

Fans of word games will love WordsWorth and massive Scrabble nerds will Super Love it because it lets you choose between three different word dictionaries including TWL and SOWPODS. The one thing WordsWorth seems to be missing is a global scoreboard, something I believe nearly all games should have. Never underestimate the power of competition to build up game loyalty and career-threatening addiction!

Except for the timed tiles that pop up here and there, WordsWorth is a very low-pressure game… you can take all day on the same level if you’re really that stupid… and being able to take it easy cool, but in a future update I think a lot of players would appreciate a beat-the-clock game mode. Personally, I’m way too fragile and can’t handle that kind of pressure, but something tells me there are lots of masochists out there who thrive on it.

For $.99 WordsWorth is a total steal. The game is being advertised on this site as an “introductory offer” so if you want the game for a buck, now is the time to get it! I really don’t know if 99Games plans to up the price later on, but you’d feel pretty stupid if you waited and had to pay more so if you’re a true Word Nerd you might as well pony up now.

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