PACKER! Yeah, that’s a word. Your mom is built like a big hairy meat packer. See? Now take those letters and see how many more words can you make that have at least 3 letters. 20? 30? Not! More like 56. Sure, some of the words are weird and you’ve never heard of them, but thanks to dictionaries like SOWPODS and TWL (both of which Wordulous can use) most true word nerds are used to bizarre game vocabulary.

99Games made WordsWorth last year which was a solid word tile game, and now they’re back with Wordulous which challenges you to find every possible word combo you can before the clock runs out. If you’re thinking gee this sounds familiar it’s probably because you’re a Facebook junkie and you’re hooked on a very similar anagram game that can be played over there, and if that’s the case then… uh… good! That means you’re already a fan of Wordulous.

In case you haven’t played this game on Facebook, here’s how it goes: you get a set of letter tiles and you tap them one by one to arrange them into words. When you think you’ve made a word, tap the “checkmark” button and if you’re right then you get some points, pat yourself on the back for being a geek, and continue on to making more words. If you’re wrong you get a few seconds taken off the clock that’s continually ticking away while you frantically search the tiles for the hidden vocab.

If you’re not ready for the pressure of working against a clock, Wordulous is kind enough to provide a Practice mode where you can take your time and just play around while your brain warms itself up. Once you dive into the big time, though, you’re playing for bragging rights on the global scoreboard and maybe even for the right to brag to friends you’ve challenged. Even though there isn’t a Wordulous app on Facebook, you can invite your fb friends (or people in your iPhone contacts) to try and beat you at the game. Sure, it’s more or less a ploy to get more people to buy the app, but if you run with a gang that plays Boggle every Friday night then the challenge thing could be a lot of fun.

I’ve tried a few apps by 99Games so I’m not at all surprised that Wordulous is a good quality app with nice graphics and gameplay, and it also lets the iPod play which is cool. One thing that did kind of take me by surprise is how the title screen girl squeaks out “Welcome to Wordulous!” when you start the game, but she looks pretty harmless so no big deal.

If you like playing this game on social networking sites or if you just like proving to world how big the left half of your brain is, get Wordulous and have at it! It’s fun, it’s addictive, and for a just a buck it’s pretty tough to go wrong here.

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