World Flights: Low cost flight tracker app for iPhone

3dot5 releases World Flights 1.1 the global, fully featured, user friendly flight tracking application for the iPhone or iPod Touch at a reasonable price. Designed by a professional traveler.
3dot5 has released World Flights 1.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch on the AppStore.
World Flights was designed and created to be a user friendly, fully featured and affordable flight tracking application for iPhone by Patrice Arnera.
Patrice Arnera has on average one round the world trip per month from his home-base of Wellington, New Zealand for his job as Executive Vice President of Global Sales for Aldous Limited and so far in 2010 has traveled 284,052 km to 24 locations.
Patrice has created an application for his fellow travelers as well as organizations or individuals involved in dropping off and picking up passengers on any given commercial flight at any given airport in the world.
Accessing the right information with a limited piece of information at hand was one of the main driver in designing the application. We all have different needs and ways to search for information, World Flights offers a multitude of ways to access the required information based on one’s specific requirement at a given moment. Users can search by airline, route, airport, nearest airport and add airports and routes to Favorites for even faster access.
Version 1.1 adds aggregated feedback from early adopters as well support for Apple iOS4, new features include:
* Refined user interface;
* Search by Route;
* Favorite Airports and Routes;
* iOS 4 Ready.
Minimum Requirements:
* iOS 4 for iPhone or iPod Touch
The objectives of the World Flights application are to provide all necessary departure and arrival information to commercial flights passengers as well as to those dropping off or picking up commercial flights passengers around the World by:
* Providing accurate and up to date information about commercial flights to and from any airport or based on any given route;
* Identifying the nearest airport to a given location;
* Allowing users to save their most used airports and routes as favourites for quick access; and
* Displaying flight tracking information on a map.
The sections below indicate the key features and functions for the current release of the World Airport application.
*Identifying Airport of choice by:
* Identification of nearest airport to current location based on iPhone’s location services; or
* Search of any airport in the World by filtering Country> Region > Airport; or
* Entering Airport code (e.g.: LAX, JFK, LHR, etcÖ)
Providing Airport information
* Address;
* Weather (if available from free Weather service, to be investigated);
* Directions from/to Address or Current Location
Listing all flights for given airport by:
* Domestic Departures
* Domestic Arrivals
* International Departures
* International Arrivals
* Search by Airline for any given Airport
Providing accurate and up to date information for any given flight identified in the steps above:
For Departure
* Flight Number
* Destination
* Terminal
* Date
* Time (Scheduled Time of Departure — STD, Estimated Time of Departure — ETD)
* Status
For Arrivals
* Flight Number
* Origin
* Terminal
* Date
* Time (Scheduled Time of Arrival — STA, Estimated Time of Arrival — ETA)
* Status
In flight tracking
* Displaying flight position on interactive map (when data available)
Searching for specific flight routes:
* Searching by Origin and Destination; and
* Optionally filtering by Airlines to optimise a Frequent Flyer programme member’s ability to earn air miles
Saving preferred Airports and Routes as Favourites to allow easy and quick access to information for regular travellers.
There is also a draw to win an iPad for every multiple of 10,000 downloads reached. More information is available on the website.
Located in Wellington, New Zealand, 3dot5 was founded in 2009 by Patrice Arnera.

Application Screenshots

Updated Flights Lists
Flight Details
Find Nearest Airport Search by Route
Search by Route or Airline Favourite Routes
Favourite Airports Airport Information

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