Write a Will: for writing your Last Will and Testament

Write a Will
Use Write a Will to write your Last Will and Testament on iPhone, and make sure all your assets go to the ones you love. We all know the inevitable will happen one day, but we can prepare somethings now. Writing a Last Will and Testament can be a daunting experience, but Write a Will is here to help.

Don’t be put off by the complexities of writing a will. This intuitive iPhone app miraculously pulls all of the information you provide and generates your Last Will and Testament. There is no longer any reason for anyone owning and iPhone, iPod or iPad, not to Write a Will, as it is so convenient to do.

The app which is on sale for £2.99 in the app store is produced in easy to follow sections and guidance is given on how to complete all details. is the support website for Write A Will and there is a tutorial video to help you complete it.

Not only does “Write a Will” produce your last Will, but also produces letters to executors as well. The document can be edited as many times as you need to get it right, or you can alter it when your life circumstances change. There is also an in-app-purchase that allows you to write unlimited wills if you want to them for friends and family too.

So don’t delay, you could save fortunes by purchasing this app from iTunes, and make sure your inheritance goes to the right people.

iPhone app – Write a Will
Developer – Steve Power
Email –

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