Writers STILL Needed!

About a month ago I recruited a team of eight writers to pick up the pace of new app reviews here, but it turns out that a lot of them weren’t really all that into the idea. Maybe it was bad timing with it being right in the middle of Christmas season, but I think they really intended to start reviewing apps and just never got around to it. The few who have been writing, though, have been doing great so far.

SO… I’m opening the door again! Let me rehash what I’m looking for and what I’m offering in return:

Aside from being really good at writing, the ideal writers would be FUNNY and able to follow my format which really isn’t hard to do. Post a picture of the app store price, write the review, then post a screenshot gallery with captions. That’s pretty much it! Very easy.

In return, reviewers will get free apps for review purposes, the option to place a link at the end of each post, and the satisfaction of having their work seen by thousands. Sure, you could write reviews on your own blog, but most small blogs don’t have much of an audience. Mine has more than tripled since I started reviewing apps in August this year! Things are going well.

If you’re interested in “applying” to be a writer, please visit this page:

Hopefully this time around my new recruits will actually want to review some apps!

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