Yoga Video Trainer: the ideal yoga coach for when you’re on the go.

The trainer, which uses English throughout, was designed together with one of India’s most highly qualified yoga teachers, under the guidance of Verena Roth.

Yoga is an effective way of bringing the body and the spirit into balance. Tension and relaxation are the most important concepts of yoga. The combination of periods of movement and of relaxation is the key to successfully reaching a state of total comfort from head to toe. To assure maximum success, it is crucial to have enough time available, as well as expert support. But not all of us have the spare time to dedicate to a course supported by a teacher. With the Yoga Video Trainer, you can keep working on your personal training programme whenever you want, wherever you are, without missing out on any valuable expert tips.

The yoga programme was developed in co-operation with Indian National Yoga Champion and National Coach Deb Nandi (C.Y.A. and D.Y.A.T.Cal., N.I.S. Patiala – first class) and contains all the most important yoga exercises you need to benefit from a varied and balanced training programme.

- Features 47 videos with a total run time of 51 minutes

- 25 asanas: the most important yoga positions, and different variations of them

- Personal Trainer feature, which allows you to build your own video flow of individual exercises

- Video flows: recommended sequences of exercises designed to stimulate different individual energy centres

- A general introduction to practising yoga with important tips on performing asanas

- Video on final relaxation (autosuggestion)

- Special breathing exercises (alternate nostril breathing and kapalabhati)

The Yoga Video Trainer contains videos of the exercises being performed by Deb Nandi’s apprentices, as well as specially prepared teaching videos prepared by the German-British yoga instructor Verena Roth. Verena’s long experience as a yoga teacher mean that even complete newcomers to yoga will be able to fully benefit from her professional guidance. The Yoga Video Trainer’s varied programme of exercises makes it ideal both for ambitious beginners and for advanced students who want to practise yoga on a more sophisticated level.

The app contains professionally produced training videos of all asanas, as well as a thorough written description of each one. All of the videos and the written descriptions are in German. The contents of the app are fully accessible even without an internet connection.

Music can be distracting; for this reason, the videos do not contain any musical accompaniment. This gives you maximum choice by allowing you to decide for yourself what you would like to listen to during your training programme.


This area contains a list of all asanas and breathing exercises, as well as the Sun Salutation and, most importantly, a general introduction to yoga presented by Verena Roth. Every asana is accompanied by a training video presented by Verena, as well as a written description of the exercise with tips about performing it, and information on the effects it has. In the second video, which is performed by the Indian master’s apprentices, you can see variations of the individual asanas being performed at the highest level.

By clicking on the plus sign, you can add each individual video to your personal training sequence. Your personal video flow can then be played back in the Training area.


The pre-installed video flows are exercise sequences which have been recommended by Deb Nandi and Verena Roth. Their varying energy levels make them perfectly suited to different times of the day. Further video flows will be made available in the form of free updates to the app.


In the Training area, you can modify your personal training sequences. Videos can be moved around within the sequence, or removed completely. Videos can be added to the sequence in the Yoga area.

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