Your Pregnancy Week by Week iPhone App

Your Pregnancy Week by Week

“Your Pregnancy Week by Week” became available in the App Store on July 11. The app is a practical and attractive guide that provides information about conception, pregnancy and the early days of your baby’s life.
Produced by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, this application informs you, week to week, of the changes that the expecting mother, baby and family will experience during the next nine months.  

Your Pregnancy Week by Week provides access to scientific knowledge, without the barriers of medical terminology, in straightforward, direct and concise language. The tools developed and included in the app ensure an attractive, dynamic and simple user experience, qualities valued by the modern woman anywhere in the world who has multiple responsibilities but does not want to miss this new stage of life.

This app is now available for iPhone (including iPhone 4) and iPod touch in the App Store in English and Spanish.

NEW APPLICATION FOR IPHONE / IPOD TOUCH By Nhuma – Expansion Technologies


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