The little slogan at the top of this website says “honest reviews of the latest, greatest, and lamest iPhone apps” and luckily I don’t get too many that fall into the lamest category. YSearch, though… ehhhhh… I really really really hate ripping on small developers… but this app is not good. That’s my nice way of saying it’s BAD! Sorry Yeerp, but if I don’t say it then nobody will.

Your iPhone’s map function is already pretty good at finding stuff you want and mapping it out for you, and YSearch’s goal is apparently to kick that map’s ass and become your new go-to app when you’re on the prowl for pizza or booze or latex or whatever you’ve got a hankering for. Unfortunately there are two big issues standing in the way of this happening:

  • YSearch isn’t good at finding your location
  • The default iPhone map already does pretty much everything you need

I gave YSearch permission to use my current location and, after several tries, not only did it give me some odd location info (it said I was in Italy on a couple of occasions) but even when it knew I was in Chicago it couldn’t actually locate my exact position the way the iPhone map does almost every time.

Location problems can be fixed, but the second issue with my built-in map already doing what I need it to… that’s a lot harder for the developer to overcome. It’s like trying to build a better mousetrap when the one you’ve already got is great at murdering rodents 99.9% of the time.

The one positive thing I can say about YSearch is that I like the idea of having the option to view my search results as a list rather than a bunch of pins stuck on a map. Frankly I think the pins are more useful when I’m sitting in my car and wondering what my next move is, but I could see the list view being more practical when the map spits out a giant clump of pins that are hard to sort through.

There are other minor areas where YSearch falls short, but I really don’t see the need to kick this app in the balls any harder than I already have. Here’s my second and final attempt at saying something positive: maybe this app is awesome in Europe! I have no idea. But I live in the U.S. of A., and all I know is that YSearch doesn’t really bring anything new to my iPhone and it definitely isn’t worth the $3.99 price tag. Unless you live in Europe. Maybe.

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