Small Wonders, developers of the popular iPhone game Battle of Puppets, release their new hit, Yum Yum Boy. This is the first iPhone game based on a true story, a Internet guy who loves junk food and hates vegetables.

Your goal in this addictive game is to eat all the junk food you can to satisfy your gluttonous appetite while avoiding your mom, whose goal is to feed you with vegetables.

YumYumBoy is a funny and exciting game that combines puzzle and arcade in the best possible way. The simplicity of the controls to move, take the food, make chains and the magic spells is amazing and very intuitive.

The magic spells bring to Yum Yum Boy another very interesting theme: Anime. By collecting a certain item, the character becomes Son Goku or Mazinger Z and performs their favourite attacks.

- Enjoy 3 different game modes: Story Mode, Puzzles and Gluttony. – Story mode has 40 different and surprising levels. – The 40 puzzles are fun and attractive. – A new and highly addictive mode: Gluttony.
- Eat 4 different foods. – Have fun with 8 special items and 6 magic spells. – Enjoy the mini-games included in Yum Yum Boy.
- Win the 15 trophies, and share them on Game Center.

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