ZeusDraw is a drawing application suitable for both doodling and some serious drawing, depending on your needs. The app allows you to draw from predefined shapes, brushes, straight lines, freehand. You can also add text and save your creations.

The app has two main views—the album and drawing view. From the album view you can see all of your drawings and create new ones.

The drawing view is where all the fun stuff happens. You can start from a solid color or photo. Everything you draw goes on top of the background.

Freehand drawing is automatically smoothed, although you can adjust the intensity of the smoothing. There are also quite a few brush types which can be used. Placed shapes and text can be moved, although once another item is placed, you can’t move other items.

Drawing shapes isn’t the most elegant operation, but it gets the job done. It’s not as nice as Sketches, but you can move the items once they’re placed.

The interface itself is incredibly difficult to figure out. There’s tons of stuff in this app, but it’s hard to find and get to. Thankfully for those having a tough time, the app does include built-in instructions. A zoom feature is included and lets you zoom to 1.5x and 3x.

The most irritating thing about this app is that the undo feature only works once. For serious drawing to take place, undo should be infinite, or at least offer more than a few steps back.

The good: You can start from a myriad of different backgrounds including colors and photos. Smoothing makes your lines look good, different brush types, placed items cam be moved, zoom tool lets you get in close. Includes many simple shapes including speech bubbles for annotating photos.

The bad: Interface is extremely difficult to figure out. There’s only one undo and items can’t be moved once new items have been placed.

The Bottom line: After wrapping your head around the app and its quirks, ZeusDraw can be quite useful. However, for those looking for an easy app perfect for annotating photos and fun casual drawing, Sketches is a much better (and cheaper) choice.

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