Zit Picker 2: Your Friends

Some iPhone apps are essential to daily life, some are addicting, some are idiotic… and some, like Zit Picker 2: Your Friends… are just plain hysterical!

Apparently Zit Picker 1 wasn’t on my radar when it was released, but there’s no way it could have been cooler or funnier than Zit Picker 2.¬†Candywriter has taken the iPhone’s two-finger “pinch” motion and repurposed it in a bizarre “game” where you relive your adolescence by popping big nasty zits. I know it sounds really gross, and it kind of is, but it’s also funny as hell.

Zit Picker 2 comes with a default face named Veronica to torment with acne, but as the title of the app suggests it’s waaaaaaay more fun to pop (or not pop) whiteheads as they grow on your friends’ faces. I tried to get my brother and his soon-to-be-wife to volunteer to be the main characters in my zit picking adventure but they weren’t having it. Bastards! In the end I settled for Brad and Angelina, two people who (I think most would agree) could use a little less perfection in their annoyingly perfect and zit-free lives.

After selecting the Perfect Couple from my camera roll, Zit Picker told me to tap areas where zits should start appearing. I put a bunch of acne target areas on their faces and on Angelina’s bare shoulders and arms, but I guess this app is even more merciless than I am because it demanded more zit zones! Cruel… but sure why not!

After laying enough zit targets on the photo, I started the game and big white pimples started to emerge in the areas I marked. The pace picked up pretty fast as I struggled to keep up with my zit popping duties, and while this game isn’t what I’d call “addicting” in the traditional sense it’s definitely high in entertainment value.

I can’t think of much to complain about with Zit Picker, but I suppose it would be cool if Candywriter could work in some more serious gameplay. As it is, the “game” of popping whiteheads is more funny than fun, so a little level-based gameplay with a global scoreboard might take this app to the next level of Awesomeness. Aside from that, my only other real gripe is that the high score board only allows arcade-style initials (which you have to zit-pop in order to enter!). If some kind of global scoring were introduced, I’d definitely want to put in a full name.

It takes a lot for me to literally “LOL” at iPhone apps, but Zit Picker 2 did the trick. It’s hilariously creative, nicely assembled, and as long as you can avoid offending people who really do struggle with skin problems it’ll earn a long-term spot on your iPhone just by virtue of how sick and funny it is. If laughing and grossing people out is your thing, this may be one of the greatest $1.99 purchases of your life.

edit: I’m now realizing that Zit Picker isn’t too good at handling photos unless they’re portrait-sized, meaning it will stretch landscape photos vertically to fill the screen. That’s gotta be fixed! Best-case scenario would be the ability to zoom or reposition odd-shaped pics.

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