Zombies Hate Pumpkins DX : Addictive retro style arcade game packed with pixel fun!

We are Monster and Monster and we would like to present to you our first iOS release Zombies Hate Pumpkins DX! It’s a bite-sized retro arcade style game and it’s really just a taster of what’s ahead (bigger, sleeker and more fully featured games / experiences) but we had to start somewhere!

Zombies Hate Pumpkins DX features three game modes which include:

Classic – The original ZHP mode. A retro style survival game complete with reworked gameplay, visuals and audio.

Carnage – Use special power pumpkins, launch special shots and get crazy combos in this manic arcade style mode.

Pick-up – Keep the zombies at bay with pumpkins and smart bombs whilst you collect a variety products for extra points.

We have also overhauled the visuals with lots of new visual effects, backdrops and zombies including ‘Chunks’ who take a lot more stopping power than your average undead!

A lot of time has also been spent creating a variety of music and sounds to help build a suitable scary soundscape! So make sure you get your headphones on and experience the full auditory experience!

For more information and sneak peek at the gameplay check out

Oh and while we’re at it here’s a couple of promo codes we just happened to find laying about in the office!


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